Webnail Documentation

Webnail outputs images as thumbnails


webnail.sh is here; it's released under the GPL v3 license.

What is it

Webnail is a bash script (ie a Gnu/linux program) that also depends on ImageMajick, which will come preinstalled on most linux systems. It has three main areas of use:-

  1. It can produce a page to be displayed by a web server
  2. It can keep track of a collection of images on a desktop machine
  3. It provides a quick way to prepare you photos for use by the PhotoAlbum web app.
In the second case the links are specified as absolute rather than relative paths and these are displayed as hovertips to aid location of the image on disc.



These are the configurable variables:-
A local webnailrc file (in the working directory) overrides settings in the script; create this by copying the marked section from the script into a new file named "webnailrc", located in the top level directory with the images.


Please let me know.

webnail.sh is also part of the PhotoAlbum project, the main feature of which is a java web app. It can be seen in action here.